Double Majors

Bachelor of Design

A 'double major' involves completion of two majors within 300 points by following set course plans.

Workload and duration

A Bachelor of Design degree with a double major does not require the completion of additional subjects beyond 300 points. Most combinations of double majors can be completed within three years (full time).

How to complete a double major

Students must carefully follow the course plans provided for completion of a double major. Double majors require careful subject selection and forward planning. Students should not depart from the sample course plan provided for their chosen double major without seeking course planning advice from their Student Centre.

Students select one of their two intended majors in their Study Plan. The subjects that comprise the second major are enrolled as electives, breadth and 'free point' subjects.
Students who complete the requirements for a double major will be eligible to have two majors listed on their Academic Transcript on completion of their course.

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