Sample Course Plans

Bachelor of Environments

Sample course plans for majors offered in the Bachelor of Environments.

Majors offered in the Bachelor of Environments

A major is a sequence of subjects that you complete throughout your degree. In the Bachelor of Environments, each major consists of a sequence of 8 or 9 subjects taken in second and third years that progressively build a depth of disciplinary knowledge.

Note:  Sample course plans are designed as a supplementary course planning tool. The sample course plans provided are examples only and do not reflect all of the course planning options available to students.

Always use the University Handbook as your primary course planning tool.

Important information about workload

These sample course plans presume full-time study of 50 points each semester. Local students may undertake a reduced load or study part-time (25 points or less per semester). This normally increases course duration.

Students requiring help with planning their reduced study load may wish to seek course advice.

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