How to apply

Steps for students applying for ABPL90434 Construction Management Internship

The following steps are for students applying for ABPL90434

Step 1 Complete the Application

Complete one of the CM Internship Application forms and submit your idea for the internship using the pre-proposal Guidelines along with a copy of your academic transcript to

Please choose the correct form for your type of placement:

Pre-proposal Guidelines

Step 2 Wait for Confirmation

Wait for your Application to be assessed by the academic coordinator. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions to complete the online Risk Assessment form found below.

Step 3 Complete the risk assessment

Complete and submit the Vocational Placement Risk Assessment form.

Step 4 Wait for your Letter Agreement

The faculty will draw up a Vocational Placement Letter Agreement, the legal agreement between the University of Melbourne and the Host Organisation. You will be copied into the email sent to your Host Supervisor once the Letter Agreement is ready for the Host Supervisor signature.

N.B. This step is for the faculty to complete, the student does not need to do anything until it is time to sign the Student Deed if required..

Step 5 Enrol in the subject

Once all the above steps have been completed and you have received email permission from the ABPL90434 subject coordinator: Paulo Vaz-Serra, please go to this link to upload Paulo’s email approval and complete this form Enrolment Variation (EV) form.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are enrolled in the correct study period so that you will have access to CANVAS.

Please do not be put off by the multiple steps involved for this subject. They are necessary for the university to have all the correct information to ensure that you will be insured during your placement.

Steps for host organisations to submit an Expression of Interest

Step 1 Read the Information for hosts

Familiarise yourself with the Information for hosts page.

Step 2 Submit an expression of interest

If you would like to participate in the Internship program, please complete the CM Internship Expression of Interest form for hosts and submit to:

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