Transport Design

The aim of this specialisation is to provide rich understanding of transport design solutions to facilitate healthy human activities and efficient future urban development.

Due to rapidly growing population in Australian cities, transport infrastructure development has been a key issue. A wide range of firms in urban planning, transport planning, urban design, spatial systems, transport engineering and public health need graduates with in-depth knowledge in urban transport.

This specialisation will lead students to further study at Master’s level, or will facilitate students to seek a career in built environments, transport planning and public health

PLAN30004 Transport Oriented Design (Semester 1)

The subject will examine the relationship between transport planning and urban design in diverse urban, Australian and international contexts. Transport Oriented Design will investigate contemporary practices and policies of efficient integration between transport planning and design that delivers human health, ecological sustainability and social equity outcomes. It will combine skills in design innovation and spatial analysis to deliver a learning platform supporting the study of transportation issues in an interdisciplinary environment.

The subject will be delivered in studio form with readings, lectures, guest lectures and field trips.

CVEN30011 Smart Transportation (Semester 2)

Urban Transport systems face many challenges due to growing levels of congestion and rising levels of environmental, social and safety problems.

This subject will use the systems approach as a framework for developing the key skills that need to acquired to develop and implement new transport technologies that can improve the sustainability of urban transport systems.

This course will focus on how new technologies can be integrated with existing transport services to improve accessibility, health and safety. Key skills will be attained in the areas of data collection and processing, modelling and evaluation.

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