Information for clubs

How do I book a room on campus?

Any student clubs wishing to book a meeting room (max 15 people) in the Glyn Davis-MSD Building for official club business should write to

Any student clubs affiliated with the Student Union, the Union House Theatre or the Graduate Student Association wishing to book a teaching space (studio, lecture theatre etc.) can submit their request directly to Venue Hire using the student club booking form:

*Please note that the Japanese Room in the Glyn Davis-MSD Bldg is not available for student club events.

Do we need Event Support for our event?

Please note that a dedicated Event Support Officer will be required for student group bookings if any
of the following applies:

  1. The booking starts or finishes on a Saturday/Sunday/public holiday or a weekday event that finishes later than 9:30pm.
  2. Event is on a Public Holiday
  3. Additional furniture (such as trestles, panel chairs etc) are required for the event
  4. Event will be serving alcohol
  5. 50% or more of the audience are external to the University of Melbourne
  6. Event is deemed to be of high risk with controversial topics/speakers; or
  7. Event is held in one of the specialised venues on campus. (Wilson Hall, Union Hall, Yasuko Hiraoka Myer (YHM) Room, and Sidney Myer Asia Centre)

*Please note that the Japanese Room in the Glyn Davis-MSD Bldg is not available for student club events.

How much will it cost? Click here for full details including a cost breakdown.

How do I order trestle tables, chairs and/or waste bins for my event?

Any student clubs wishing to book trestle tables, table cloths, chairs, portable hand sanitiser stations, etc. for their event should do so using the following online form:

Temporary waste & recycling bins can be booked here.

Once you have successfully added the items to your shopping cart that you wish to order, select the Melbourne School of Design from the Department drop-down menu.

The form will ask you for a Themis code. Please write to to request the Themis code.

You will then need to enter the delivery time, collection time and any notes regarding the delivery location.

You will then need to enter the club email address and delivery address to finalise the order.

What OHS issues do clubs need to take into account when planning an event?

According to University policy, any events need to have a designated event manager.  The event manager ensures that if there are any issues, they are able to action these ASAP.

Where alcohol is available it is particularly important that this is managed and overseen by someone responsible.  Whoever takes on the role of event manager, will need to ensure that the event complies with university procedure in relation to OHS issues i.e. No alcohol can be served at any student-run event without the server holding an RSA certificate.

Another common OHS issue with student events is the clean-up which needs to be managed. For large evening events, cleaners can be booked in for a cost of around $300 for the night.

When planning events, student clubs will need to submit both the Alcohol Management and Safety Checklist and a Risk Assessment Form with copies of RSAs to MSD Student Programs Team at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Any student clubs affiliated with the Student Union or the Graduate Student Association needing guidance with OHS procedures, identifying hazards, calculating risk scores, or determining suitable risk controls etc. should contact the Student Union or the Graduate Student Association for advice, as they will be your official sponsor who approves the event.

For large events or events held outside of business hours, you must request an Event Support Officer (ESO) and a cleaner which will come at an additional cost. You can find more information here about when Event Support is required.

An ESO is qualified in First Aid, and Emergency Evacuation procedures and is also able to give you access to rooms such as the MSD Kitchenette and the MSD Exhibitions Store Room. Please note that you must book the ESO with enough time so that they are available to assist with set up and pack down, even if the event goes overtime.

Please use the following website to request an Event Support Officer (ESO) and/or extra cleaning service at a cost of $90/hr for your event:

*With most Ancillary bookings (ESO/cleaners/bins/AV techs, etc) you will need to submit your request 10 working days ahead.

How do I seek funding from the Faculty for an event?

Please submit a completed Funding Application form with attached quotes from suppliers (i.e. caterers) to the MSD Student Programs Team at least three weeks prior to the event.  Please be aware that not all funding requests will be granted, and in some cases the Faculty may only agree to fund part of the costs of an event.

Funding Application Form

Our funding request has been approved, how do we get reimbursed?

Please follow the instructions provided in the Checklist and the Invoice Example provided below.

If your club has never received reimbursement from the Faculty before by bank transfer, you will need to fill out the two forms below.  These forms will only need to be completed once (unless the club changes its bank details).

If you have any questions, please contact the MSD Student Programs Team.

MSD Social (Facebook & Instagram)

Please write to, Carl Jackson, the Social Media Adviser, if you would like to promote a club event on the MSD Social accounts on Facebook and Instagram.  Please note that there may be instances in which requests for promotion of certain events may be declined.

Student Newsletters (B-ENVS, B-DES & MSD)

You can submit a newsletter item via the form at Student Communication and Newsletters.

Notices in my.unimelb

You can submit a notice by clicking the 'Create a new notice' button within the Notices tab in my.unimelb.

For step by step instructions and content guidelines, please refer to the user guide within the Notices tab. All notices are checked by the Student Information Team to ensure they meet the terms and conditions and style guide requirements prior to publication.


Clubs may wish to advertise events using posters.  Please send any printing requests via email to the MSD Student Programs Team at least 5 working days in advance for large print jobs (50+ copies), 3 working days in advance for small print jobs (<50 copies).

Please be aware that large print jobs will need to be outsourced to an external printer such as Quick Copy. The costs of these print jobs will come out of the Faculty club budget.

When submitting your printing request, please specify the following:

  • Paper Size: (A4, A3 etc.)
  • Number of copies
  • Colour/Black & White
  • Date printing needed

Important:  Any posters/publications will need to planned well in advance of the date you plan on distributing them to allow time for editing, feedback and provide quotes for printing costs.  Any advertising materials for events where alcohol will be served, need to comply with the following statement from the University's Alcohol Management and Safety Checklist & Event Risk Assessment and Authorisation Form and a copy of the event advertising material will need to be submitted with the completed checklist.

“Advertising material for the event will not emphasise the availability of alcohol or encourage the excessive consumption of alcohol in any way. The advertising material will include equal reference to availability of non-alcoholic drinks.”

The Student Union has a wealth of information, including downloadable resources and a list of training opportunities that club members can register for, such as Responsible Service of Alcohol on their website.

Need enrolment assistance?

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