First Year in the Bachelor of Design

Steps to Begin your Studies in the Bachelor of Design.

Bachelor of Design Pre-Semester Program

The Bachelor of Design Pre Semester Program is compulsory for all commencing B-DES students.

It is a full day program which runs 9:00am - 5:00pm on Thursday 28 February.

The program connects you with other commencing students and provides you with critical course planning information to assist in planning your degree. It will also introduce you to key University staff and services and provide you with information to assist you in navigating the online systems used for course planning, assignment submission, learning management, timetabling and more.

Students will also complete a fun Amazing Race themed activity answering a series of questions and taking group photos at several locations around campus. The best part is that there will also be awesome prizes for the winners! (they really are awesome!)

The Bachelor of Design Pre-Semester Program is fully catered, so please register here for the event!

Bachelor of Design Course Plans

Course plans are available for all of our majors. It is critical that you familiarise yourself with your intended major's course plan to ensure that you complete all of the required subjects.

Wanting to complete a double major? Watch out!!! Careful course planning is required for double majors, so make sure that you follow the Double Major Course Plans exactly as written or you may not be able to complete a double major.

Don't want to complete a double major but would like to explore a cohesive run of subjects from another major? Why not complete a Minor!!! Minors are available for all majors apart from Civil Systems and Mechanical Systems. If you would like to complete a minor, check the Minor course plans to ensure that you complete the correct subject sequence.

Another option is completing a Specialisation. Specialisations are a short sequence of subjects at third year level that focus on particular themes. Subjects in specialisations don't form part of any existing major but are distinctive and are complementary to majors in the degree. Many subjects in specialisations do require prerequisites which you will need to complete first in order to qualify for the subject. More information about Specialisations can be found via this link.

Choose your first year subjects

In your first year you will take six Bachelor of Design electives, along with two breadth subjects. First year elective subjects act as foundation knowledge for second year, and there are many second year subjects you can't complete until you've finished the first year prerequisites. You should choose your elective subjects carefully, as they will form the basis of your chosen major. The Bachelor of Design sample course plans will show you which subjects to choose for your major. Use these, and the University Handbook when you are planning your subjects.

Keep Your Options Open via the Bachelor of Design Course Planning Tool

In order to assist you in course planning to keep your options open, you can download the Bachelor of Design Course Planning Tool. This is an excel spreadsheet which will outline which subjects you will need to enrol in if you would like to keep your options open for numerous majors.

Please note that strict course planning is required for double majors with some having alternate first year requirements*. If you are intend on completing a double major, please ensure that you course plan via the Double Majors Course Plan page rather than using this tool.

Please follow the steps below when using the spreadsheet

  1. Download the spreadsheet here
  2. Tick the majors of interest in the drop down box as indicated
  3. Prerequisite subjects will be highlighted in green
  4. Check prerequisites of all subjects to ensure that you are doing them in the correct order
  5. Take note of the semester offering of each prerequisite subject
  6. Check whether the major has a maths requirement
  7. If the major does have a maths requirement, click the further information link on the spreadsheet to check the appropriate mathematics level you will need to complete

Once you have completed these steps, enrol in all of requisite subjects listed as a priority. Subjects highlighted  in purple may be taken as either breadth OR electives. This may assist you in keeping further options open.

*Students undertaking Architecture and Construction should check the double major course plan, as they may not be required to complete all subjects.

When you have selected the correct first year subjects for your major, you will need to select additional elective subjects until you have a total of six. You can choose elective subjects from the list below, or you can choose to keep a second major pathway open to you.

+ Six First Year Design Electives
+ Two Breadth subjects

Bachelor of Design students specialise by completing a major in a specific discipline (depth), and gain knowledge across disciplines by taking subjects from outside their core program (breadth).

First year students normally select two Level 1 subjects (25 points) as breadth in the first year.

Did you complete a secondary qualification that was not VCE?

If the enrolment system does not recognise your secondary studies as meeting prerequisites for a particular subject, you can use the Enrolment Variation form which may be found via this link to request assistance:

  1. Log in to the Enrolment Variation form
  2. Select the Requisite Waiver option
  3. Upload the transcript from your non-VCE qualification as evidence that you do meet the prerequisite for the subject.

More information on how to use the Enrolment Variation form is available here.

Bachelor of Design Peer Mentoring

The B-DES Peer Mentoring Program is an optional program for new students to get in touch with later-year students.

Students who participate will be introduced to their mentor during a special morning tea on Friday 1 March. During the morning tea you can ask your mentors questions, gain some tips and share your own experiences. Throughout the semester, your Peer Mentor will be in touch with you to meet up on campus, with free coffee vouchers provided for your catch-ups.

The B-DES Peer Mentoring Program is very popular and limited places are available. It order to participate in the program, please register via this link.

Keep a look out for the Bachelor of Design Newsletter

The Bachelor of Design Newsletter is one of our primary contacts with you to inform you of any updates about your course. If there are any issues with enrolment or changes in the Bachelor of Design, they will be announced exclusively here. The Newsletter also includes articles regarding special events, enrichment activities and job opportunities specifically aimed at Bachelor of Design students.

Need enrolment assistance?

Stop 1 provides enrolment and other support to Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Environments and Melbourne School of Design students.