Funding Application for Student Clubs and Societies

Application Criteria:

  • Event must be inclusive and cater for the broad membership of the relevant club or student society
  • The Club/Society must be affiliated with the GSA or University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU)
  • The event/ activity must comply with UOM policies as well as either GSA or UMSU Clubs and Societies regulations(whichever is applicable)
  • The event/ activity must enhance the reputation of Bachelor of Design or Melbourne School of Design students in the University community and/or the wider community
Club/Society Details
(of the person named above)
dd/mm/yyyy, hh:mm am/pm
dd/mm/yyyy, hh:mm am/pm
Where possible, ABP will provide equipment at no cost. Some equipment may need to be hired from Unimelb Support or a catering company.
Will alcohol be served? * *If yes, you will need to complete the Alchohol Management at Events - Checklist and Declaration and provide copies of at least two Responsible Service of Alcohol certificates of club members/wait staff who will serve alcohol.
OHS Requirements
To ensure that event planning is carried out in accordance with University of Melbourne OHS requirements, students from Clubs and Societies who are responsible for planning and supervising events may need to completeappropriate on-line training.

These members must agree to undertake up to 3 on-line training modules each of which take ~30 mins to complete.
Please attach electronic copies of all quotes/invoices from suppliers (i.e. catering company)
Attach additional invoices if required.
Attach additional invoices if required.
Attach additional invoices if required.
Attach additional invoices if required.
Please round to the nearest dollar.
Please round to the nearest dollar.
  • Large print jobs (50+ copies) - 5 working days’ notice
  • Small print jobs (<50 copies) - 3 working days’ notice

Large print jobs will need to be outsourced to an external printer such as Quick Copy. The costs of these print jobs will come out of the Faculty's Student Engagement budget.

Please specify the following:

Colour/Black & White:

Please consider the environment. Invitations to events should be sent electronically via social media channels or email.

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