The full library of training information for all making and design equipment in the Melbourne School of Design is provided in the Training Centre.

The Robotics Lab provides a range of training options to help you learn how to use equipment and integrate robots into your projects. If you have never used a technology before and are keen to learn, we suggest you work through each type of training in the order below.

  1. Get Access

    Follow the Instructions in the Access page to complete the required safety inductions

  2. Download and Install RobotStudio

    To program the robots you will need to download and install RobotStudio. RobotStudio is ABB’s software for programming the robots. *ABB RobotStudio only runs on Windows. Follow the installation guide to get setup with RobotStudio and licenses.

  3. Book a Robot & Tool

    Once all three levels of safety inductions have been successfully completed, it is possible to book time on the robots during Open Access. We recommend a minimum of 2-hours per session to allow adequate time for set-up, tool calibration, and pack-down. There are resources in the Robotics Lab to help you get started.

    You will also need to book a tool for the same session. If it is your first time using this tool, Robotics lab staff will train you in its use.

    Book a robot

  4. Introductory exercises

    Series of structured exercises to work through during Open Access times, at your own pace.

  5. Book a Consultation

    You can book a Robotics Lab consultation to discuss your project in more detail. If you plan to develop your own tool you will need to book a consultation to discuss this.

    You will also need to book a consultation if you plan to use computer vision in your project.

    Before you book a consultation, write down the answers to the following questions:

    1. What are you trying to do/make?
    2. What tools do you wish to use?
    3. What materials do you wish to use?
    4. What are the potential risks of using this material and tool in the robotics lab?
    5. Will this process make a mess? if so, what is your plan for managing the mess?
    6. What timeframe do you need to complete the project in?
    7. How long do you need to use the robot in each session including set up/pack down/cleaning?
    8. Do you need to develop the process/program first?
    9. Have you completed all inductions and training?

    Book a consultation

  6. Training Centre

    As more projects are completed in the Robotics Lab, video tutorials and working guides will be added to the Training Centre. Each process is broken down into bite-sized steps.