The full library of training information for all making and design equipment in the Melbourne School of Design is provided in the Training Centre.

The Robotics Lab provides a range of training options to help you learn how to use equipment and integrate robots into your projects. If you have never used a technology before and are keen to learn, we suggest you work through each type of training in the order below.

  1. Get Access

    Follow the Instructions in the Access page to complete the required safety inductions

  2. Download and Install RobotStudio

    To program the robots you will need to download and install RobotStudio. RobotStudio is ABB’s software for programming the robots. *ABB RobotStudio only runs on Windows. Follow the installation guide to get set up with RobotStudio and licenses.

    Download & Install Robot Studio

  3. Talk to the Robotics Lab Staff

    Come talk to the Robotics Lab staff about your project. We can point you in the right direction, help you learn how to program robots, and tell you what is possible. You can email us or book a Robotics Lab Consultation. If you cannot make it at the existing booking times, please contact us to arrange another.

    Book a consultation

  4. Access the Knowledge Base

    The MSD Robotics Lab Knowledge Base provides specific information on how things work in the Robotics Lab. It includes basic information on how to get started programming the robots and includes example scripts for many of our processes such as clay 3D printing.

    MSD Robotics Lab Knowledge Base