Soldering Station

What is the Soldering Station?

The soldering stations consists of a soldering iron, extraction, soldering iron cleaner, solder and clamps. It allows hand soldering of electronic components.

Why use the Soldering Station?

The soldering iron is used to assemble electronic projects.


Training for the Soldering Station is provided during Level 03 Safety Induction.


The soldering station is only accessible during Open Access for the robotics lab.

The equipment in the Robotics Lab (G23) is available for you to book and use when you have completed the required safety training and inductions. To use the robot arms you must complete the following:

The Robotics Lab Open Access sessions take place every weekday afternoon, Monday – Friday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. End Effectors and Tools are only to be booked during Open Access.

Open Access times are available for all students from MSD, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Tools are only able to be booked out during Open Access.

For more information about the Safety Training and Inductions for the Robotics Lab head to the Access page.

Book Soldering Station Induction


Access and use of the robot arms is free. Students are required to pay for materials, and any custom tools they create.


What can be soldered with the soldering station?

The soldering station is only able to solder electronic components. It is not suitable for soldering metal pieces (e.g. Brass Rods).