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What is a Robotics Lab Consultation?

Consultations provide one-on-one technical advice to help you use the robots and other equipment in the Robotics Lab. These sessions may be used to get assistance setting up your project, getting past a difficult part of your project, help designing a new tool or help programming the robot.

Why book a Robotics Lab Consultation?

We believe that robotics will play a key role in shaping our future - and designers need to be apart of this. However robotics can be technical and complex, especially for designers. Consultations are provided to help overcome some of these challenges. So when you can’t find the solution through other training book a Consultation.


Before you book a consultation it is expected that you have completed the following training:

  1. Robotics Lab Website

    Read through the website to get an understanding of what the robotics lab offers.

    Robotic Website

  2. Work through the training exercises to learn how to use and program the robot arm

    Training Exercises

  3. Book a Robot session once you have complete Level 03 Safety Induction

    Book Session

  4. Consultation

    Book a consultation with the Robotics Lab’s experienced staff to get help with complex technical challenges specific to your project. Before making a booking, it is expected that you have completed the Introductory sessions and read through available guidelines for the technology.

    Book Consultation


Robotics Lab Consultations are available Tuesday at 1:30pm and 2:00pm. They run for 20 minutes each. Consultations must be booked through the link below.

Book Consultation

How to Submit

  1. Complete Inductions

    Complete the required Safety Inductions as detailed in the Access section.

  2. Book a Consultation

    Book a Consultation with Robotics Lab staff to discuss your project and application. Including Finger Design. Write down your answers to the following questions before coming in:

    1. What are you trying to do/make?
    2. What tools do you wish to use?
    3. What materials do you wish to use?
    4. What are the potential risks of using this material and tool in the robotics lab?
    5. Will this process make a mess? if so, what is your plan for managing the mess?
    6. What timeframe do you need to complete the project in?
    7. How long do you need to use the robot in each session including set up/pack down/cleaning?
    8. Do you need to develop the process/program first?
    9. Have you completed all inductions and training?
  3. Complete the Level 3 quiz

  4. Book some Robot Time and undertake training exercises

  5. You may book a consultation to discuss your project requirements.


There is no cost for a consultation.