Robotic Plastic Extruder

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What is the Robotic Plastic Extruder?

The Robotic Plastic Extruder allows you to 3D Print with the Robot. The extruder has a larger nozzle than normal 3D printers allowing quicker and larger scale extrusion. The robot’s 6 degrees of freedom also allows for non-planar 3D printing.

The Robotic Plastic Extruder has a 1mm nozzle, and prints in PLA. The Extruder is programmed via Rhino & Grasshopper.

Why Use the Robotic Plastic Extruder?

The Robotic Plastic Extruder is appropriate for fabrication of complex forms at a medium scale.


The Robotics Lab offers a range of training to help you learn how robot arms and end effectors work, how to setup a file for the robots and and how to submit it for processing. This training includes:

  1. Robotics Lab Website

    Read through the website to get an understanding of what the robotics lab offers.

  2. Work through the training exercises to learn how to use and program the robot arm

    Training exercises

  3. Book a Robot session once you have complete Level 03 SAfety Induction

    Book a session

  4. Consultation

    Book a consultation with the Robotics Lab’s experienced staff to get help with complex technical challenges specific to your project. Before making a booking, it is expected that you have completed the Introductory sessions and read through available guidelines for the technology.

    Book a consultation


The equipment in the Robotics Lab (G23) is available for you to book and use when you have completed the required safety training and inductions. To use the robot arms you must complete the following:

The Robotics Lab Open Access sessions take place every weekday afternoon, Monday – Friday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. End Effectors and Tools are only to be booked during Open Access.

Open Access times are available for all students from MSD, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Tools are only able to be booked out during Open Access.

For more information about the Safety Training and Inductions for the Robotics Lab head to the Access page.

Book Plastic Extruder

How to Get Started

  1. Complete Inductions

    Complete the required Safety Inductions as detailed in the Access section.

  2. Book a Consultation

    Book a Consultation with Robotics Lab staff to discuss your project and application. Including Finger Design.

  3. Book plastic extruder

    Book the plastic extruder via the online booking system. It should be booked alongside the appropriate robot (IRB1200).


Students will need to purchase PLA filament in 1.75mm. Other materials used also need to be supplied by staff and students.


Can I print other materials with the extruder?

Typically the extruder is only used with PLA, however other materials are possible. Book a Project & Tool Consultation to discuss with Robotics Lab Staff.

What is the maximum size I can print with the extruder?

This is dependant on the robot being used, and your work area. Typical max sizes are listed below:

  • IRB1200: TBC
  • IRB200: TBC