The Robotics Lab (G23) is open for staff and student use on weekday afternoons during semester, from 1pm - 5pm. During this time, individual robots and tools can be booked for 2-hour time slots using our online booking system. Occasionally, robots may be reserved for specific classes or working groups.

Please note that the Robotics Lab is a restricted area, reserved for students and staff within the Faculty who are working directly with the robots and have completed all relevant safety inductions (see below). Each robot can comfortably accommodate a working group of four (4) people. The space is also subject to room capacity restrictions - a maximum of 22 persons are able to work in the Robotics Lab at any given time, with a 10:1 ratio of students to supervisors. We therefore recommend using the general model making areas and Machine Workshop to assemble and/or post-process any robotically fabricated components, to ensure that the Robotics Lab has adequate space for students with robot bookings.

During busy times of semester, priority may be given to students enrolled in classes with specific robotic design content. We also ask that students and working groups refrain from overbooking the robots, to ensure equitable distribution of our resources. Robotics Lab staff may cancel any bookings that seem inappropriate or excessive, and repeated failure to attend a pre-booked session will result in removal of access privileges.

The Safety Induction System

  1. Level 00 – MSD Online Building Induction

    To get swipe access to the MSD Building and Baldwin Spencer Building you must agree to the conditions of use set out in the Level 00 – MSD Online Building Induction.

  2. Level 01 – Safety Induction (Online)

    This induction introduces and assesses your understanding of general safety principles and procedures that must be adhered to in all ABP Makerspaces. If you want access to any of these spaces you must successfully complete the Level 01 – Safety Induction (Online).

  3. Level 02 – Safety Induction (In person)

    This in person safety induction provides a tour of all ABP Makerspaces demonstrating safety procedures and features such as emergency stop buttons and fire extinguishers. You will also learn basic safe use of hand tools allow you to book equipment like power drills and hand saws. Completing this induction will grant you access to the advanced hand tools in the Forbo Model Making Space, the Robotics Lab (G23) and the Machine Workshop (G24). Please note the  successful completion of a Level 2 induction does not grant swipe access to the Robotics Lab.

    Book Level 02 – Safety Induction

  4. Level 03 – Safety Induction (In person)

    The ABB Industrial Robots are potentially dangerous machines, which require a comprehensive, hour-long safety induction. The Level 3 Induction (Robots) is held weekly on Tuesday mornings during semester (or subject to demand) and covers robot start-up and pack-down procedures, basic operation, and robot jogging. It is intended as a safety induction only, and does not cover robot programming. A maximum of 8 participants are able to attend each session.

    Book Robotic Induction

    For access to the sewing machine located in the Robotic Labs you will need to book a sewing machine induction.

    For access to the soldering station located in the Robotic Labs you will need to book a soldering station induction.

  5. Complete Safety Induction Quiz

    After attending an in-person Level 3 Induction (Robots), all staff and students are required to successfully complete a short online quiz, to ensure that all key concepts covered in the induction have been understood. To pass this quiz, you must answer all questions and score 100%. Induction records are refreshed each year.

    Complete Level 3 Robotics Quiz

  6. Book a robot and attend an Open Access session

    Once all three levels of safety inductions have been successfully completed, it is possible to book time on the robots during Open Access. We recommend a minimum of 2-hours per session to allow adequate time for set-up, tool calibration, and pack-down. There are resources in the Robotics Lab to help you get started.

    Book a robot