All staff and students who wish to use the Robotics Lab must complete all inductions up to the Level 3 Robotics Lab Induction.

The Robotics Lab is open for staff and student use on weekdays during the semester. Please speak to Robotics Lab staff to arrange access. Occasionally, robots may be reserved for specific classes, working groups or projects.

Please note that the Robotics Lab is restricted to students and staff who are working on robotics projects, or directly on the vacuum former or soldering iron. The Fabrication Workshop provides spaces in the Machine Workshop, Model Making Space, and the Maker Space for other tasks.

The Safety Induction System

  1. Level 00 – MSD Online Building Induction

    To get swipe access to the MSD Building and Baldwin Spencer Building you must agree to the conditions of use set out in the Level 00 – MSD Online Building Induction.

  2. Level 01 – Safety Induction (Online)

    This induction introduces and assesses your understanding of general safety principles and procedures that must be adhered to in all ABP Makerspaces. If you want access to any of these spaces you must successfully complete the Level 01 – Safety Induction (Online).

  3. Level 02 – Safety Induction (In person)

    This in person safety induction provides a tour of all ABP Makerspaces demonstrating safety procedures and features such as emergency stop buttons and fire extinguishers. You will also learn basic safe use of hand tools allow you to use equipment like power drills and hand saws. Completing this induction will grant you access to the tools in the Forbo Model Making Space, the Robotics Lab (G23) and the Machine Workshop (G24).

    Book Level 02 – Safety Induction

  4. Level 03 – Safety Induction (In person)

    Level 3 Robot inductions are held during semester and cover robot start-up and pack-down procedures and basic operation. It is intended as a safety induction only and does not cover robot programming. Inductions outside of semester can be arrange with Robotics Lab staff.

    Book Robotic Induction

    For access to the vacuum former located in the Robotic Lab, you will need to book a vacuum former induction.

    For access to the soldering station located in the Robotic Lab, you will need to book a soldering station induction.