Can I print without a Student Card?

Yes, by using one of the digital design hub's computer. Print the job whilst logged into your account > Log into the University's PaperCut release server > Find the desired printer > Click 'Release'

Can I use my staff card to print?

Yes, by following the student printing procedure. Should you wish to charge a Themis string, please follow the procedure.

How do I reload my card?

Login to the Student Print portal.

>'Account Recharge' > 'Sign In' > Enter an amount > Enter your details > Enter card details

How do I ask for a refund?

Please submit your request via the Student Print portal.

> 'Recent Print Jobs' > Select the relevant print job > click on 'request refund'

Can I send my file online?

No, the WebPrint is not supported in the MSD Print Room.

My released job is not printing, what should I do?

Please ask a Print Room staff member. If after hours - apply for a refund for a failed job.

Why was my refund denied?

A refund will be denied for all cases of personal error.

Can I print from my own laptop?

No. Only computers in the MSD and Baldwin Spencer are able to print to the Print Room, external computers will have no access.

Is there anywhere else to print in the MSD building?

There is a printer located in the library on the ground floor.

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