Making in Mixed Reality

Intensive mixed reality seminar and design build workshop. Mixed reality overlays physical environments with digital data, at scale and precisely fixed in place. The Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed reality headset that allows designers to eliminate the need for 2D drawings and assemble highly intricate structures directly from holographic instructions with relative ease and simplicity. This workshop will explore how these new workflows extend human craftsmanship by adding digital precision to traditional processes of making and open up broad new opportunities for design. Participants will learn to identify and develop interactive mixed reality applications in the design and fabrication of architectural scale structures. Core concepts covered in the workshop include: Folograms - following holographic instructions to identify, place, bend, cut and join parts in-situ. Holographic-Analog Control (HAC) - Extend cheap analog tools (rod benders, lathes, solder etc) with digital precision using holographic guides. Interactive Holographic Applications - Build simple interactive holographic applications without needing to learn to program.