Master of Architecture Studio A/B

Information regarding Master of Architecture Studio A (Semester 1) or Studio B (Semester 2).

Studio B: Discipline

Dennis Prior
Studio B

Studio Outline:

This studio is concerned with investigating the rules, codes, conventions, and techniques that define and support the practice of architecture.

Leveraging the multiple meanings of the word discipline, Studio B will encourage students to work with rigour, repetition, and refinement, as we search for an understanding of the field of knowledge within which we operate. We will be disciplined in our pursuit of the discipline.

Through careful (drawn) analysis of selected precedent works, and the development of a structured design project, students
will engage directly with the potential of architectural representation, in so doing coming to terms with the nuanced and dense language of our discipline.

In broad terms we will argue that creative, meaningful, and thoughtful practice can be achieved by engaging directly with the specificity of our field.

This is a studio about the discipline of architecture.

ST1 Monday 6:15pm - 9:15pm, MSD Room 140
ST2 Thursday 6:15pm - 9:15pm, MSD Room 140

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