Graduate Ambassador Program

Graduate Ambassadors are passionate and dedicated students who participate in a range of activities to help promote the disciplines of the MSD. They give a first-hand student's perspective to stakeholders such as future students, alumni and industry partners.

Meet our Graduate Ambassadors

2018 Graduate Ambassadors

  • Alexia Baikie
    Alexia Baikie, Master of Architecture
  • Charlotte Miller
    Charlotte Miller, Master of Urban Design
  • Derek Huynh
    Derek Huynh, Master of Architecture
  • Eugenie Ji Mei Foo
    Eugenie Ji Mei Foo, Master of Architecture
  • Harsh Bansal
    Harsh Bansal, Master of Construction Management
  • Hazel Shiting Chen
    Hazel Shiting Chen, Master of Construction Management
  • Iris Wai Tung Fong
    Iris Wai Tung Fong, Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Katerina Ford
    Katerina Ford, Master of Architecture
  • Mariko Kimura
    Mariko Kimura, Master of Property
  • Sarah Chan
    Sarah Chan, Master of Construction Management
  • Shruti Baporikar
    Shruti Baporikar, Master of Construction Management
  • Siobhan Hudson
    Siobhan Hudson, Master of Urban Design
  • Tao Wang
    Tao Wang, Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Toby Wooldridge
    Toby Wooldridge, Master of Property
  • Xinge Zhang
    Xinge Zhang, Master of Urban Planning

Become a Graduate Ambassador

Applications for the 2018 program are now closed. Applications for next year’s program will open in January 2019.


Ambassadors participate in marketing, recruitment and alumni events such as:

  • Open Day, prospective student information sessions and Pre-Semester programs to speak about their studies and transitioning to life at Melbourne
  • Running workshops for prospective students to promote the disciplines of the MSD
  • Visiting schools to promote the disciplines of the built environment
  • Talking about their discipline learning experience at industry and alumni events
  • Contributing to social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Participating in photo and video shoots as required.

The position requires a minimum time commitment of approximately 30 hours across the year. For more information, refer to the Position Description.


This is a volunteer based opportunity designed to assist students in gaining work experience and valuable leadership and marketing skills.

While no financial remuneration is provided, Ambassadors will be supported with Professional Development workshops and experiences to develop interpersonal and communications skills in a professional environment.


Graduate students who have successfully completed at least 1 semester (50 credit points) of study of a Masters level MSD program (with a minimum 70% average).

Pathway students who have successfully completed a University of Melbourne Bachelor degree with a minimum 75% average and are now enrolled in a Master degree at the Melbourne School of Design.

Successful students will be selected based on their ability to demonstrate passion and dedication for their program and an interest in gaining leadership and marketing experience.

Need enrolment assistance?

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