The university has a comprehensive policy governing the administration of assessment. This policy is underpinned by university statute 12: Assessment and Admission to Degrees, and should be interpreted with reference to this document.

In addition, the university has policies on examinations, academic misconduct, extensions, students experiencing academic disadvantage and special consideration that intersect with this policy.

Assessment policy is designed to ensure that students are treated in an equitable and fair manner in relation to assessment, and to provide staff with the framework to do so.

Where to go for advice

Students with a concern or a problem with regard to assistance should seek initial advice as follows –

Issue regarding the nature of an assessment task and the marking of a taskTutor, lecturer or subject coordinator listed in the handbook
Issue regarding the administration of assessment and assignmentsSubject coordinator listed in the handbook
Issue regarding circumstances affecting a student’s performanceStop 1
Issue to do with failing assessment tasks and course progressStop 1
Concerns about fairness and the application of policyStop 1
Course Coordinator

Further information

The University has the following policies to manage assessment:

Need enrolment assistance?

Stop 1 provides enrolment and other support to Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Environments and Melbourne School of Design students.