Master of Design Sample Course Plans

The 234AA Master of Design handbook entry stipulates the complete requirements for the course. Always use the University Handbook as your primary course planning tool. The course contents for the Master of Design was modified in 2013. Please choose the correct Handbook entry for your course, based on your year of commencement.

234AA Master of Design & 234AH Master of Design (Heritage) - 2014 onwards

The Master of Design is a one-year program taught in intensive modular format so that you can remain in full-time work while you undertake your studies. You will also benefit from the focus which comes from the concentrated approach of an intensive program.

The degree has been structured to take advantage of current trends in the built environment industry enabling new focus areas to be included on an annual basis. We are currently offering

Master of Design - Digital CitiesMaster of Urban and Cultural Heritage
The digital techniques used to design cities are fast-evolving and highly specialised. The Master of Design - Digital Cities allows you to gain skills in new technologies to generate the design of 3D cities and understand how people interact with their urban spaces in order to create more liveable places. The Master of Design (Heritage) will be relaunched as the new Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage. This course will be a cross-disciplinary and industry-oriented program which provides students with the skills and knowledge to contribute to the burgeoning fields of urban and cultural heritage.

234AA Master of Design - pre 2013

The Master of Design is highly flexible and allows students to select subjects in accordance with their study and career aspirations, (with guidance from the course coordinator). Students select from graduate level subjects offered by the Melbourne School of Design in consultation with the course coordinator (not all subjects are offered every year and some subjects have prerequisites). Students should contact the Environments and Design Student Centre (see contact details above) to organise subject selection.

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