Urban Informalogy: The Morphologies and Incremental Transformations of Informal Settlements

Hesam Kamalipour - PhD Completion Seminar

Melbourne School of Design - Japanese Room

Abstract: Urban informality is a self-organised mode of urbanisation that encroaches, infiltrates and expands cities of the global south beyond the control of the state. With few exceptions, the erasure and replacement of informal settlements with formal planning and design practices is generally unsuccessful. An understanding of the morphologies and incremental transformations of these settlements is then crucial for any kind of effective development process. Drawing on three case studies in the cities of Bangkok, Medellin and Pune, this research explores the ways in which forms of informality work in informal settlements.

Biography: Hesam Kamalipour is a PhD candidate and research assistant in Urban Design at the University of Melbourne. He is also a Doctoral Academy member at the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. His current research interests include informal urbanism, urban morphology and incrementalism.

Dr Ajibade Aibinu

Professor Kim Dovey

Advisory Committee member:
Professor Ross King