Negotiating Educations: A critical discourse analysis of the professional accreditation of architecture education in Australia

Byron Kinnaird - PHD Completion Seminar

Japanese Room, Level 4, MSD Building

This thesis examines professional accreditation of architecture education in the context of other regulatory texts and institutions active in education governance and reform, to better understand changes in the field using Critical Discourse Analysis. It identifies co-authorship, asymmetric regulatory knowledge, and cross-institutional discourse as major themes, and significantly, shows how accreditation functions as a negotiated text and practice that is constituted by the institutions of architecture, but in its enactment, reconstitutes those institutions.


Byron Kinnaird studied architecture in Wellington (Aotearoa NZ) before moving to Australia to undertake his PhD in Architecture and complete a Graduate Certificate in Academic Learning and Leadership at the University of Melbourne. He has taught architecture in New Zealand and Australia for over ten years as a casual academic, and is currently working in research and policy for the NSW Architects Registration Board.

Byron Kinnaird
PhD Graduate Researcher
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning


  • Professor Paul Walker
  • Dr Peter Raisbeck

Advisory Committee

  • A/Professor Clare Newton
  • A/Professor Andrew Hutson