Sung Jun Kim

Melbourne School of Design - Japanese Room

Abstract: An increasingly aging population, information technology developments and shift to high-rise residential neighbourhoods combined with lack of aged facilities have led recently to a specific type of residential development in Korea. They appear in the form of silver towns integrated with smart technologies and targeted specifically at the aging population. The silver towns are increasingly being conceived, designed and marketed as smart living environments for the elderly. This paper analyses selected silver towns to obtain insights from the elderly perspective about these developments and understand design challenges for future silver towns and smart technologies.

Biography: Sung Jun Kim is currently undertaking PhD research and was a member of CRIDA (critical research in digital architecture) at the University of Melbourne. He received a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree focused on building environment and environment-friendly design in Korea. He has diverse working experience in environment-friendly design, construction and building service engineering from residential housing to commercial high-rise building since he has worked as an architectural engineer at an architectural engineering firm in Korea for many years. His research interest in the elderly residential building integrated with smart systems embedded in the doctoral study.

A/Professor Andrew Hutson

Dr Peter Raisbeck