Capture, Hold and Build: The economics and management of construction in the midst and aftermath of conflict

André Ullal: PhD Completion Seminar

Melbourne School of Design - Japanese Room

Construction is a central component of post-conflict reconstruction. Beyond this traditional role in the aftermath of war, emerging counter-insurgency strategies have included an increasingly important role for construction amid conflict, as encapsulated in the military slogan – capture, hold and build. While construction of infrastructure in close proximity to conflict may fulfil expanded political, economic and social functions, it also entails additional challenges and risks. This seminar will reflect on PhD research investigating conditions, practices and outcomes characterising construction in conflict and post-conflict settings. The research reviews statistical indicators to identify typical effects of conflict upon conditions circumscribing construction. Then, interviews with clients, consultants, contractors and other construction practitioners working in Afghanistan, Timor- Leste, South Sudan and Pakistan describe in detail the challenges that these conditions present, and peculiar construction practices that have been adopted in response to these challenges.

André is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. His research into construction in conflict and post-conflict settings builds upon his professional experience managing construction projects and programs for United Nations agencies and peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan, Timor-Leste, Pakistan and South Sudan.


Dr Ajibade Aibinu


Professor Paolo Tombesi

Advisory Committee:

Dr Ajibade Aibinu
Dr Toong-Khan Chan