An Investigation into Management Practices Influencing Labour Productivity in Multi-Storey Building Construction Projects

Argaw Gurmu - PhD Completion Seminar

Melbourne School of Design, Japanese Room

Abstract: Construction productivity improvement is essential for the economic growth of a country, increasing the profit margins of contractors, and reducing project delays and the associated liquidated damages. In this study, I identified and prioritized the management practices that have the potential to improve productivity in multi-storey building construction projects. I developed a tool for measuring, planning, monitoring and evaluating the practices during the project planning, construction and closure phases. On that basis, I build a tool for predicting productivity when the levels of implementation of the management practices are known. My research adopted a two-phase exploratory sequential mixed methods design. During Phase-I, in-depth interviews were conducted with experts who have been involved in the delivery of multi-storey building projects. The qualitative data was analysed and suitable practices were identified. In Phase-II, data was collected from 39 projects case studies using interview-questionnaire. The quantitative data was analysed to prioritize the practices identified in Phase-I, and on that basis, scoring tools for measuring the practices were developed and logistic regression models were built for predicting the probability of exceeding baseline productivity factors when the scores of the practices are determined.

Biography:  Argaw Gurmu received his BSc. degree in Construction Technology and Management and MSc. degree in Civil Engineering (Construction Management major) from the University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He was a lecturer in construction management and materials at the University of Addis Ababa. He had also worked as project manager, project coordinator and resident engineer on various building and road construction projects in Ethiopia. He is an associate member of Australian Institute of Building (AIB) and a member of Ethiopian Construction Technology and Management Professionals.

Chair: Dr. Robert Crawford
Supervisor: Dr. Ajibade Aibinu
Advisory Committee: Dr. Robert Crawford