IT support

Information about computer labs, software, hardware and training.

Computer locations

PCs with specialist hardware and software are located in the MSD and Baldwin Spencer Buildings. These PCs are available to RHD students who may require one off or short term use of specialist software.

Digital Design Hubs are timetabled but available for student use when not timetabled.

Name Room NumberLevel Machine Number
Digital Design Hub 129 MSD 129 1 28
Digital Design Hub 120 MSD 120 1 16
Digital Design Hub 120 MSD 121 1 16
Digital Design Hub 246 MSD 246 2 26
Brian Lewis Atrium MSD Level 1 1 24
Open Areas MSD 248 (SE corner) 2 4
MSD Northern Side 3 4
MSD Northern Side 4 4
Baldwin Spencer Design Hall BS102 1 60  

Rules for lab use

  1. No eating or drinking in the Digital Design hubs or Baldwin Spencer design hall – penalties apply
  2. The lab is available for student use when there are no scheduled classes. Do not set up render and run on machine unattended.
  3. Save your work on portable hard disk or USB sticks. Avoid saving files on local C drive or desktop. This will only cause you more time when you next log-in on another machine.
  4. Carry your student ID at all time. University security performs routine checks after hours and on the weekend. You will be asked to leave if you can not present your student ID Card.
  5. Holding computers for rendering or other use while you are not at the computer is prohibited. Any computers held for prolong period of unattended use will be reset so other students can use them.
  6. Do not move or unplug any cables, keyboards, mice, computers or screens.


  • University licensed software

    University licensed software is available for installation from the Software Centre which is located on your desktop. Search for Software Centre, select one or more applications to download. Please note you must be connected to the UNIMELB network.

    Support for University licensed software is via Service Now.

  • Specialist software

    If you require specialist software that is not available from the Software Centre, you may request it via the Research and Industry Team. Software that requires funding must be approved by the Research and Industry Team and your supervisor. Please ensure you discuss costs with you supervisor and seek approval prior to placing a request.

  • Available for your personal computer

    The Faculty does not sell any software. The following software can be obtained for free under the student program:

Learning how to use software

The Faculty subscribes to – a leading online learning company with an extensive video library of courses enable anyone to learn software, technology and creative skills.

Some software skills tutorials which might be of use to ABP RHD students:

  • SPSS
  • Rhino and VRay
  • GIS


The Research Bazaar (ResBaz) is a University of Melbourne community focused on connecting researchers who use similar digital research tools. Keep an eye on the Research Bazaar blog for information about upcoming training sessions and workshops.


To log in to

  1. Go the sign in page
  2. Type as the organisation URL and click continue
  3. Type in your student username and password and click login.

The Printroom is located in Room 127 (Level 1) in the Melbourne School of Design building. For more information about printroom services and access, see the Printroom website.

Loaning equipment

The Loans Desk loan out high-quality cameras, photo studio equipment and 3D scanners. Laptops, computers, mice or keyboards are not available for loan.

Getting help