Design Internship

Design Internship is an opportunity for students in the Bachelor of Design to undertake a work placement relevant to one of the twelve majors. During the internship, you will draw on your discipline skills and will have a chance to work alongside professionals in your industry.

Students are responsible for finding a suitable work placement prior to the commencement of semester. We recommend that you begin approaching potential host organisations at least four weeks prior to the start of semester, to ensure sufficient time for approval. When you contact an organisation that agrees to take you on as an intern, let us know as soon as possible by completing the steps found below. we will check that the host organisation and workplace are appropriate before allowing you to begin your internship.

All students undertaking an internship are required to attend pre and post placement seminars, and to complete 80 - 100 hours of an approved work placement. This means that you will need to spend the equivalent of 2 days per week for 5 weeks at the placement.

There may be a limited amount of placements with pre-approved host organisations, depending on availability. These internships will be advertised in the BDes newsletter, Vivid. If a student has been unable to secure an internship by the start of semester, you will be asked to choose another subject to replace ABPL30068.

Download the Design Internship subject guide

3-Step process

Step 1 Enrol

You may provisionally enrol in the Design Internship subject for the semester of your choice. Confirmation of enrolment is subject to Coordinator approval after you have completed the Step 2. We ask that you have all details of your internship  confirmed before the commencement of semester.

Step 2 Complete the risk assessment

After you have confirmed your placement with the host organisation, complete and submit the Vocational Placement Risk Assessment.

Vocational Placement Risk Assessment

Step 3 Wait for your Letter Agreement

The faculty will draw up a Vocational Placement Letter Agreement, the legal agreement between the University of Melbourne and the Host Organisation.

N.B. This step is for the faculty to complete.

More information

Please email with any questions about the internship application process.

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