Sending your file to the printer

  • Webprint

    WebPrint is a basic service offered by UniCard. It is convenient, but has limited capacity and flexibility. WebPrint supports A4 printing only and allows your to send print jobs from your laptop or phone without the need to login to a computer. It is best used for printing readings and class handouts which don’t demand a high quality print.

    If you are having difficulties with WebPrint we recommend using the Quick Print Station in the Printroom instead.

    Access WebPrint

  • Student Labs

    Every computer in the MSD & Baldwin Spencer buildings have print drivers installed. Once you have prepared your files, print your PDF file from Adobe Acrobat directly to your printer of choice.

    Once you have sent the file to the printer, you will need to release your job from the Quick Release Station in the Printroom.

    1. Swipe your student card at the Quick Release Station and your print file will appear on the screen.
    2. Release the print job by hitting the release button, which is displayed in the top right of the release screen.
    3. At this point your UniCard account will be charged and the file will begin printing.
  • Printroom Quick Print Station

    The printroom offers a Quick Print Station within the Printroom itself, where students can print their files directly. These computers are only to be used for sending print files and do not require student login. Please be considerate of other students wanting to print. If you notice an error or need to spend time fixing your file, please log on to a lab computer and print from there.

    If printing from a Quick Print Station your job will appear under the global “MSDPRINT” job queue username, rather than your username. Please ensure you have an appropriately named file so you can identify your print. If you have converted to PDF before printing, please save your converted PDF file. If you do not it may appear with a temporary file name eg. “AR…pdf.tmp” at the Release Station.

Releasing your file to the printer

After you've sent your print, your requests will appear on the Printroom Release Station. Once you have approved and released your print job, the printing process will commence.