Devices and pricing

Printing throughout the University is charged through the UniCard system. You can access your account, check your balance, and recharge your balance on the UniCard website.

Standard Devices

Two flagship Canon Multi-function Devices (MFDs) are available for use, which are reliable, fast and higher quality. In addition to printing, they can be used for copying and scanning. Both MFDs will only accept A4 and A3 prints, they will not accept custom size prints.

  • MSD 1

    The MSD 1 printer is great for printing large handouts and readings. It has a high capacity A4 drawer and uses only 80GSM 100% recycled paper. Duplex (2-sided) printing is automatically detected and discounted by 25%.

    A4 $0.10 $0.25
    A3 $0.20 $0.50
  • MSD 2

    The second MFD, MSD 2 prints on a bright white paper at 120GSM and a higher default quality. This printer is better suited for submission and presentations. Duplex (2-sided) printing is automatically detected and discounted by 25%.

    A4 $0.20 $0.50
    A3 $0.40 $1

Large Format Printing

The Printroom offers three large format plotters with a varying degree of quality and cost to suit almost every need. When sending a plot print, it is important that you know a little about what you’re doing, so read the guides below before you get started.

Follow the printing instructions in the guide videos, and if in doubt use the plotter template files provided below.

  • Plotter 1

    The first plotter is only used in high-demand periods like mid and end of semester. You will need to physically check if the device is turned on before you use it. If you have mistakenly released a job while the machine was offline, ask the guru to refund your money or turn on the printer to accept the job.

    A2 $1.50 $2.50
    A1 $2 $5
    A0 $2.50 $10
  • Plotter 2

    The second Plotter has the same cost structure as Plotter 1 but is newer, more economical and much faster. Unless there is a large print queue you should always print to Plotter 2 before Plotter 1. Plotter 2 is great for weekly class presentations that require large format printing, bus is not suitable for exhibitions. The paper used is a matte finish 90gsm.

    A2 $1.50 $2.50
    A1 $2 $5
    A0 $2.50 $10
  • Plotter 3

    The last Plotter on offer is best used for critiques and presentations. The machine is physically the same as Plotter 2, however the software on the backend is tuned to favour print quality over speed, and will always produce a better print than Plotter 2 - no matter which settings the user chooses. The paper stock used is a 180gsm matte finish, which is ideal for pinups as it will not reflect the room lighting and is highly readable.

    A2 $3 $5
    A1 $4.50 $10
    A0 $8 $20

Large Format Scanning

  • To scan documents larger than A3 and up to A0 size, use the large format scanner located near Plotter 2 in the Printroom.
  • Documents cannot be bound as they are rolled through the scanner.
  • All large format scans will automatically appear in U:\Students\Scanned Docs\OCE Scanner