Architecture Studio C, D & E

Information regarding studio options and balloting for students enrolled in the Master of Architecture Studios C, D or E.

Master of Architecture Studio C, D & E students are offered a selection of studio options each semester and during the summer teaching period.

For semester 1 and semester 2, all studio leaders will present their studio topics at the studio Presentation Day held on the Friday before semester. Studio offerings will also be posted below prior to the beginning of semester, and the studio brochure will be published and made available to students a few days prior to the Presentation Day. The brochure will include studio descriptions and a studio timetable.

Class allocation for Master of Architecture Studio C, D & E is done by ballot. If you are enrolled in--or plan to enroll in--subjects ABPL90142 Master of Architecture Studio C, ABPL90143 Master of Architecture Studio D, or ABPL90115 Master of Architecture Studio E, please read the information below.

You can view studios from previous semesters in the Studio Archive.

Summer, 2018

Master of Architecture Studio C, D & E has been scheduled to run over the summer as a quota subject.  Summer term studios are compressed time-frame studios, with the necessary 72 hours of studio contact taking place over 6 weeks.  Studios will normally operate with 12 hours contact per week.  Details can be found below, and at the Handbook pages linked above.

Ballot opening dates: 11/12/2017 - 15/12/2017
If you have successfully enrolled, follow the link below to submit your studio preferences:

Studio Ballot

You will be asked to provide 1) your contact information, 2) the subject in which you are enrolled, 3) details of any CDE studios you have taken previously, and 4) a ranking of all seven available studios in order of your preference.  Studio details can be found at:

The ballot will be open until 11:59PM, Friday 15/12/2017.  If, at that point, you have not completed the ballot, you will simply be assigned to a studio by the teaching staff.

Semester 2, 2017

  • Presentation Day: Friday 21 July 2017, 10am - 3:00pm,  B117 Theatre, MSD Building
  • Ballot opens: Friday 21 July, 3pm
  • Ballot closes: Saturday 22 July, 3pm

As LMS will be closed for maintenance from 10pm Friday 21 July until 12 midday Saturday 22 July, students will be able to access the recording of the presentation day here.

Ballot Information

Students will be required to submit up to 8 studio preferences via an online form available through the subject's Learning Management System (LMS) and the form button below. Each student should only complete the survey once. Please read and follow the instructions throughout the survey; any invalid entries will affect your final studio allocation. It is recommended that students provide the full 8 preference allowed, to ensure they are allocated to a suitable studio. The final studio allocations will be posted to LMS prior to the beginning of classes. Please check the allocation and attend your allocated studio accordingly.

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