Architecture Studio A

Studio A

Coordinator: Alex Selenitsch
Studio A

STUDIO A is designed to introduce students to a number of spatial systems used by architects. The project work combines exploratory exercises as models and drawings, and applies these to an architectural project for a residential/ office/studio courtyard building.

The spatial systems include SURFACE, where a 2-dimensional materiality is altered, marked, deformed, folded etc., to produce a 3-dimensional space; BOX, where the space is an extension of the human body in all directions; and FIELD, where space is created by rule-generated behavior of individual units acting in groups.

These spatial systems will be applied to the architectural project through specific techtonic systems - MASS through SURFACE space; POINT AND PLANE through BOX space; and FRAME AND INFILL through FIELD space. Work will be produced in studio time, and outside it also. Students will be required to give short presentations on concepts related to the spatial syntax being studied, and to record and reflect on their research as they proceed.

L1/01 Monday 12pm - 3pm, Old Metallurgy 103 (Room 1)
Monday 2:15pm - 5:15pm, MSD Room 240 and 241
ST2/01 Friday 3:15pm - 6:15pm, MSD Room 448 and 449


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